As e-commerce slowly and surely takes over the marketplace, more customers than ever are researching their options online. Today, businesses must have a website to stay relevant. Having an outdated website can hurt more than not having a site at all. Local and small businesses struggle the most with this since it’s already hard enough to compete with the resources of larger companies.


    Small business web designs may seem out of reach for many owners, but tools like WordPress make creating an engaging website more accessible. That said, outsourcing web-design provides more flexibility for businesses to tailor the look and feel to their own image.


    There are too many tools available to justify having an outdated website. Here are three reasons your outdated website is hurting business.


    1.   It drives customers away.


    It may seem counter-intuitive, but bringing customers to your site is a surefire way to drive them to your competitors. Studies show customers typically form a first impression of a site within the first few seconds, and if your website doesn’t impress, they’re going straight to the next option.


    Outdated sites also make it look like you don’t care. You want something eye-catching and appealing to keep customers around and drive their attention to a call to action. Your site can’t look unprofessional.

    1.   It can hurt your company image.


    Small businesses may have a history of excellent service and a great customer base, but any potential new customers might be turned off, immediately. Outdated websites represent outdated services. Customers want cutting edge and top of the line.The mantra “newer is better” isn’t always the way customers make decisions, but it is important to consider. An outdated site hurts your chances of showing off your business and staying relevant.


    1.   It hurts visibility.  


    It’s no secret almost everyone finds things online through search engines. According to a study from Stat Counter, Google owns approximately 92% of all online search traffic. Simply put, if you’re not found on Google, you’re almost invisible. Outdated websites hurt small businesses because the key to staying competitive is visibility. Imagine opening a storefront on a busy street. Then another, busier street opens, and your competitors set up shop. By sticking with an outdated look, you’re staying on the old street and losing more and more of the market.


    Google algorithms rely on several factors when ranking websites. By not updating your site, you run the risk of dropping in the rankings due to reasons like poor mobile compatibility or the lack of new content, which Google regards very highly. You don’t need extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization to know staying on the first page of Google is the best way to stay relevant.

    Outdated websites hurt in many ways. Whether customers think you’re behind the times or sometimes, think your site is just embarrassing, you’re losing business. In a world dominated by Internet searches and snap decisions, you can’t afford to lose potential customers over poor website design. In fact, few things drive business better than a robust website and high visibility.


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