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    We help organizations create better user experiences

    Since 1999, our team has been involved in web development. With that knowledge, we have crafted processes to make development simpler and use open source platforms to empower our clients to handle technical problems. This helps you get your brand visible faster.

    Our services allow you to focus on building your business model while we handle the tech. We get you started and help you grow with technical tools and process improvement strategies. Your success is our goal. We are a minority-owned, women-led firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, servicing companies all over the world. We assist solopreneurs to large enterprise clients. We’ve added Drupal to our open source software specialty to reach the needs of government clients that require additional security and connection to older software applications. No matter the stage of your business, we’ve got you covered.

    In addition to our custom solutions, we own and operate several platform-as-a-service opportunities for smaller customers and quick development needs. WPClover, our WordPress hosting platform, helps small to medium businesses realize website development at an affordable cost with a complete managed solution. Klimact, a digital community platform created for Second Life, allows small communities to create social media networks for their users. All of our software leverages the power of WordPress with custom development for a robust application.

    Our story since 2013

    We started as a digital marketing firm that specialized in WordPress development and marketing for small businesses. Our growth in the sector allowed us to see the wealth of enterprise clients seeing open source solutions for their business. We transformed our firm into an agency of WordPress developers seeking to leverage available technology for large scale use. WordPress started out as just blogging software but powers some of the largest sites on the internet as well as back office applications such as customer relationship management tools, marketing software, project management tools, and so much more.

    Our mission & vision

    Our mission is to drive open source development to create technical tools and software with lower learning curves for non-technical users. You business can decrease deployment time for new applications, decreased training hours necessary for staff, and increase employee buy-in for new processes in your organization. If employees feel that a technology product is easy to learn and solves their needs, they are more likely to provide adequate feedback on your solution and become a change agent within your organization. Our vision is to see large scale businesses leverage open source technology to increase adoption and innovation of new applications.

    Our Certifications

    Sheffie Robinson

    Owner | Founder


    Current Volunteer Roles:


    • President, Klimact Labs Foundation
    • President, Bantunium Labs
    • Mentor, Founder Institute
    • Contributor, WordPress Hosting and Training
    • Executive Director, Vicksburg High School Band Booster Club
    • Organizer, Vicksburg WordPress Meetup
    • Organizer, Vicksburg Startup and Small Business 101 Meetup
    Founder & CEO Sheffie Robinson


    Sheffie Robinson is the owner and CEO of Touco Direct. She is a self-taught software engineer that specializes in open source technologies to leverage cost effective solutions for underprivileged businesses and enterprise frameworks. In her career as an entrepreneur, she developed a financial tech product for a virtual world that brought banking, brokerage firms, and token trading to a platform called Second Life. This amazing venture led her to work more strategically with startups, product development, and marketing and branding.

    With over 16 years in corporate experience in sales and markting, Sheffie has been able to leverage her time in corporate America to educate small businesses and startups on marketing strategy and product development strategies to reach goals faster. Sheffie has served as the Director for Founder Institute Atlanta Chapter, Lead Mentor for TheFarmATL, and Executive Director of the Dunta Robinson Foundation.

    Sheffie Robinson is an Army spouse and mother of 3 that enjoys live action roleplaying games, anime, and traveling with her family. She is a champion for work/life balance and has built Touco Direct to be a functional organization that encourages family nuturing, freelancing, and teleworking for optimal team engagement.

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