If you want to spread your brand, start a website. If you want to sell a product, market it. If you want to spread your knowledge, teach a class. Want to do all three?


    Create an online course.


    Online courses are an incredible source of information for potential customers. They’re more involved than a blog post and more trusted than an ad campaign. Online Courses let you focus your energy into a series of lessons that are presented to your customer and can be more interactive with the addition of simple review questions or quizzes.


    The hard work that goes into building your course pays off. These courses are an incredible source of income as well as information. Most likely, someone has already done a course on the topic you choose. The important part is to be better and more engaging than your competition.  


    How to Start an Online Course


    Start with your topic. Find something you know and enjoy, and take the time to prepare your course. It’s not an easy process, so you’ll need to be committed, but if you pick the right topic, creating an online course will come naturally. You can create a curriculum sharing your knowledge spread over several sessions.


    Deciding on the course length is another factor aside from content. Should it be one, long comprehensive course? Is it a subject you can break up over multiple courses? There are some important factors to keep in mind when you decide how long to make the online course. Longer courses require more content and risk losing clients through boredom, but if done right, they can generate more cash flow and require less maintenance. Short courses are easier to create, but they don’t generate as much profit.

     Monetize Your Online Course


    It should be noted that selling online courses is lucrative. Well made and well-marketed courses can generate six and seven figures per year, but temper expectations because that’s no easy feat. If you can manage it, the passive income from an online course could be low-maintenance and substantial.


    Once you’re ready to launch, be sure to do some market research. You know the audience you want, but reaching them is a different challenge. Luckily platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest make targeting a specific audience easier than ever. You can create an online marketing campaign to reach as many potential customers as possible at a very reasonable rate. Larger options like Google SEO are available, but your budget might not be ready for that yet.


    Creating an online course takes determination and creativity, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Set goals for yourself and stick to them. You have complete control over the content and how you want to present it. You are selling yourself just as much as you are selling your knowledge, so here’s your chance to add your personality to the course!

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