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The marketing world seems to be obsessed with every new algorithm change, SEO technique or fancy analytics software. As digital marketing continues to grow as a huge arm of the world economy, it’s hard to blame all the enthusiasm. Last year ad spending online outpaced TV for the first time in history. But, in a world where everyone is trying to take over our screens, the best move may be to get off of them.

Think about it. What’s the last digital ad you’ve seen? It’s probably pretty much impossible to remember. Now try and think of the last direct to mail ad you received in your mailbox. You might have a much easier time remembering.

We now live in a world with much more information available than ever before, and this information is useful on more than just digital platforms. You don’t have to go back to the stone ages to make direct mail a reality. Using addresses you’ve gathered and/or rented is a great way to turn mail into a more digitized endeavor.

Personalized Direct Mail

For example,Ontraport gives you the ability to send out postcards the customers you already have. Instead of sending the same postcard to everyone, you can put their name on the design and really grab their attention. If your recipients are part of your highly targeted audience, your chances for success are very high.

This is because when someone takes your message out of their mailbox, they have many fewer distractions at hand. They will look at the front and back of your postcard and have a minute to think about it. In the case that your business is in a niche that rarely ever sends out direct mail (i.e a digital marketing agency), you will pleasantly surprise your prospects.

Paired with your Email Marketing

MailChimp is also another platform that lets you design and sends postcards in bulk. Since you already have an email list, it’s easy to take your marketing efforts into the real world. Using MailChimp’s integrated sign-up forms, you can gather addresses in a compliant manner.

Of course, direct mail does cost more to implement, but this shouldn’t dissuade you. It’s been found that mail advertising has an average ROI of 15% to 17%. These are astonishing numbers that nobody should ignore.

Direct mail is far from dead in 2018. With the right plan, there is no doubt that your business can profit off this powerful advertising method. It may just be the most personal kind of marketing we have left.

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