Get answers to common questions

Can I move my current WordPress website to your hosting?
Sure you can! We make the process pretty seamless and there is no fee for migration.
My website isn't WordPress. Can I host with you?
Yup. Our hosting server supports most website types. If we can’t host your site due to size, we’ll make sure to help you find hosting that fits your budget and your needs.
How long does development usually take?
Time for site completion is dependent on the features of your site but here are a few time frames below. These time frames are estimates, and are not guaranteed.

Landing Page: 5-7 business days

Small Business Website (5-7 pages): 14-21 business days

Fully Customized WordPress Site: 4-6 weeks

Simple Web App: 8-10 weeks

Complex Data App: 12-14 weeks

Web App with Mobile Apps: 16-20 weeks


I'm interested in consulting but I would like to talk first. How do I do that?
We offer a free 15-minute consultation in which you tell us your needs and we start to develop a relationship. There is no obligation for the consultation but it gives you an opportunity to see what your needs truly are and how we can help make them a reality.
I had my consultation for development and we are headed to discovery. What happens during discovery?
Discovery is a high-level research component of our development process. We sit down with you to get a more detailed picture of your expectations and needs for your website or software and conduct research to develop a timeline for completion of your project. Discovery allows us to delve deeper into aligning our development strategy with your business needs.

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