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What are the most prominent benefits of your service?

As a software development company, we interacted with many clients and nailed our service offering down to the basic needs that all clients request: Ease of use, reasonable pricing, and access to the team.

WordPress is one of the leading content management systems available in the world and has the lowest learning curve. We can easily onboard you and your team to the system without lengthy training sessions.

Our pricing is comparable to what you would typically pay in a lump sum development over the course of a year. We help you budget by offering you a monthly fee and we include hosting, maintenance, and automation to your plan for the most complete WordPress package for your business.

Website updates are normal and sometimes frequent depending on your business need. Instead of trying to hire a firm to assist every time you have a need, we are your one stop shop to keep your website up to date and performing for your needs.


What exactly is a website template?

In the web design world, a website template is more focused on the look and feel of the site. Our website templates go a step further and offer you the backend software needed for your business as well. Design is only half of the scope. Our website templates include all the plugins and configurations needed to automate your business flow and quickly address your customers.

Can I move my current WordPress website to your hosting?

Sure you can! We make the process pretty seamless and migration is free. You’ll realize the benefits of our service in no time.

What qualifies as a "request" for updates to my website?

A request is a singular task that we do to update your website. For instance, adding a new slide to your front page slider is considered a task, or updating content information on your about us page. No matter the task, we work on your site for up to 1 hour per business day (2 hours on Agency plans) and continue to work until the task is complete. You will receive emails during the task with updates as necessary if it takes more than 1 day to complete the task.

How long does development usually take?

For most plans, we start with a base template that we can then modify to your specifications. The template allows you to see a series of designs you like and allows us to work on your site faster. The amount of customizations determines the time it will take but design usually take 1-3 days initially. Time can vary for development.


My website isn't WordPress. Can I host with you?

Unfortunately, we no longer host non-Wordpress websites. We do host Drupal websites for Enterprise and Goverment clients. Our commitment to open source platforms is how we help to grow and support development communities.

I'm interested in consulting but I would like to talk first. How do I do that?

We offer a free 15-minute consultation in which you tell us your needs and we start to develop a relationship. There is no obligation for the consultation but it gives you an opportunity to see what your needs truly are and how we can help make them a reality. Click here to schedule an appointment with us.

I had my consultation for custom development and we are headed to discovery. What happens during discovery?
Discovery is a high-level research component of our development process. We sit down with you to get a more detailed picture of your expectations and needs for your website or software and conduct research to develop a timeline for completion of your project. Discovery allows us to delve deeper into aligning our development strategy with your business needs.
Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Absolutely! We offer a 50% discount on yearly plans for non-profits. We offer a 20% discount on monthly plans. If you possess 501(c)(3) status, please email the following information to [email protected] for assistance. You will receive a one-time use coupon code upon approval.

  • Organization Name
  • Executive Director Name
  • Organization Mission
  • 501(c)(3) Determination Letter
  • Domain to be registered with us
  • Plan you wish to subscribe to on our platform (Basic, Plus, Agency)
Do you have special pricing for education?

We do. We offer a special maintenance plan for educational institutions. Please email us at [email protected] for more information on that plan.

Do you offer special website templates for business use?

Currently, we do offer a learning management system designed for business incubators that allows your founders to document their journey and produce statistics and data for your program. Please email us at [email protected] for information about IncBuildr.


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