We are excited to announce the release of our very first Ware by Touco; Businessware. Creating a website for your business is the first step to building your brand. Wares by Touco are industry-specific pre-configured WordPress templates that include the back-end tools necessary to manage and grow your business.


    What is Businessware?

    Businessware is a one-page WordPress website template perfect for consultants and freelancers. The back-end tools differentiate Businessware from other website templates or themes in that it provides you with everything you need on one site.


    With Businessware, you can collect customer information with forms, use an internal CRM to maintain positive relationships with customers, and build beautiful landing pages perfect for converting prospects into leads. You can also send proposals, quotes, and invoices without leaving your website.


    Access the Businessware demo


    Stay Organized With Your Business

    The more you know about your audience, the better equipped you will be to solve their problems. Our internal CRM helps you keep track of your interactions with leads. Your CRM has helpful information that can be used to personalize your communication with prospects. With 80% of consumers desiring personalized experiences, you would be leaving money on the table if you didn’t have a back-end CRM in place.


    Send Important Documents to Clients

    Businessware has the unique ability to act as a business hub and a landing page at the same time. Send your clients proposals, quotes, and invoices without leaving your ware. The Wares’ multi-functionality eliminates the need to login to a separate website every time you need to send an invoice or build a landing page.


    Tools for Growth

    On top of having a pre-configured website and back-end management tools, Businessware includes tools to support growth. Without sales rolling in, you have a hobby, not a business. Create sleek landing pages to generate leads for your business.

    Quick Recap

    • Businessware includes a back-end CRM for lead organization and customer engagement. 
    • Users have the ability to send proposals, quotes, and invoices without leaving their site. 
    • Create beautiful landing pages and generate leads with forms.

    Get a pre-configured WordPress website with back-end tools by signing up for one of our plans or contacting us for more information. Access the demo for Businessware today!