Have you ever wanted to package your knowledge into a digital product and sell it? You might believe creating and selling courses online is a difficult task, but Courseware makes launching your courses easy. We aim to eliminate the frustration that occurs when you have a great course idea but don’t exactly know how to execute it. 


    Your website acts as both a landing page and membership site for your courses. Our standard template helps you convert visitors into paying customers. Yet, we encourage our users to customize our Wares to their liking. 


    Building a website from scratch takes up too much time and energy. Our ready-made template has all the features needed to launch and manage courses while allowing you to get started faster. Additionally, we make it easy to add more advanced features to your website if you choose to do so later on. 


    What is Courseware?


    Courseware is a pre-configured WordPress website for course creators. It’s important to know our Wares are more than a website template. All our Wares include the back-end tools you need to run your business. Some of the tools include a form creator, landing page builder, page insights, chat support, and an image optimizer. 

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    Increase Course Completion Rate


    As a course creator, you ideally want your students to soak in the information provided and apply it to their lives. However, it can be challenging to achieve that goal when a good percentage of students don’t actually finish your course. It’s easy for customers to be excited about your course in the beginning only to get caught up with their everyday responsibilities. As time goes on, your course can become less of a priority in the minds of customers. They lose the sense of urgency they once had. Courseware helps you increase your customer’s course completion rate with WP Complete. This feature helps your students track their own progress in the course. While seemingly unimportant, the ability to track one’s progress plays a big role in whether one manages to complete the course. 


    Strategically Build Your Course


    People love free things. A free product or trial can build trust between you and a potential customer. When a potential customer trusts you, they are more likely to buy a product or service from you. Furthermore, giving your ideal customers a free trial is a good way to collect feedback you need to make improvements. Courseware has a feature that allows you to restrict the content of your course. Visitors can access part of your course for free while having to pay to access the rest. Give potential customers a sneak peek of the value you provide by offering a free lesson. An experience is more likely to convert someone into a paying customer than a course description. 


    Multiple Payment Gateways


    After viewing your landing page, visitors may want to purchase your course. Yet, not all visitors will become paying customers. Visitors can get frustrated and abandon their cart if their preferred payment gateway is not offered at checkout. If someone is used to paying with quicker options like Apple Pay or Paypal, their level of interest in purchasing your product can decrease if you only offer Stripe. Thankfully with Courseware, you don’t have to worry about losing customers at checkout. Courseware has the flexibility you need to increase your conversions.

    Quick Recap

    • Students can track their course progress with Courseware.
    • Course creators can restrict content in their course to increase conversions.
    • Prevent visitors from abandoning their carts at checkout with multiple payment gateways. 
    • Users can create forms, build landing pages, view page insights, support visitors through chat, and optimize images.

    Get a pre-configured course website with back-end tools by signing up for one of our plans or contacting us for more information. Access the demo for Courseware today!