Are you interested in connecting talented individuals to places of employment? Creating and managing your own job board website is a great way to be a resource to your community. A job website can be as broad as Indeed or niched down based on industry, location, and more!

    Owning a job board business can be very profitable. Employers can be charged a fee for each job listing posted on your job board website. Charging membership fees to job seekers is another way to monetize your job board. People are willing to pay for access to a niche in-demand resource. Placing display ads on your site can also help you increase profit depending on ad relevancy and your website’s traffic.

    While the idea of creating an online job board may sound promising, the actual execution can be overwhelming. You may be wondering about website features, hosting, security, search engine optimization and more! Luckily, we created Jobware, a talent management solution in which employers can post job listings and talent can submit applications.

    What is Jobware?

    Jobware is a pre-configured WordPress website for job board owners. It’s important to know our Wares are more than a website template. All our Wares include the back-end tools you need to run your business. Some of the tools include a form creator, landing page builder, page insights, chat support, and an image optimizer.

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    Job Listing Previews

    Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in a job listing could look sloppy to job seekers or other employers interested in posting a listing on your website. Ensure your brand stays top quality by providing users with helpful tools. With Jobware, employers can proofread and visualize their job listing before it goes live on your job board.

    Searchable Job Listings with Filters

    A search box and filters provide users with easy access to the opportunities they are seeking. If you have a vast number of listings, the ability to filter based on location, industry, skills or job type can reduce time spent sifting through jobs. Utilizing the search function can give job seekers access to highly specific job listings.

    Store and Manage Job Applications

    Quite a few job boards enable employers to place job listings on their websites. However, not all of these listings give employers the ability to host application forms as well. Instead, to apply to a job, individuals are either redirected to an application form or window to compose an email to employers. Jobware gives employers access to an online portal on your job board in which they can view, organize and privately rate applications. This feature is especially helpful for smaller companies that may not have job application forms hosted on their own websites.

    Quick Recap

    • Employers can preview job listings before they go live.
    • Talent can search and sort through job listings.
    • Job applications can be hosted on your website for employers to view, rate, and organize.

    Get a pre-configured job board website with back-end tools by signing up for one of our plans or contacting us for more information. Access the demo for Jobware today!