Job boards are unique and incredible tools for job seekers and employers alike. The digital age and the Internet mean the end of scanning through newspapers or blindly mailing resumes to companies. Now anyone can look up any job at any time.


    For businesses and recruiters, job boards allow them to post open positions with their companies to attract future talent. They can describe in detail what the open position entails. They can immediately filter out applicants who don’t meet their needs and list incentives for applicants who do.


    For job seekers, this is the best tool to hit the Internet since the online marketplace. Open positions posted from all around the world are a quick keyword search away. Applicants can filter by position, company, salary, hours, and almost any other variable they would like to control.


    The field of online job boards is extremely saturated but can be incredibly lucrative. So, when you’re ready to start your board or maybe already have one, ask yourself these three questions to help be successful.


    What is your niche?

    The job board giants like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster.com rein over the broad market like none other. You won’t be able to compete on all levels, so you need to decide where you want to focus that the other guys don’t.


    Maybe you specialize in connecting photographers with models, or you know there’s a market for inventors to seek out investors. Make your niche the focus of your job board.


    Are you easy to find?

    The most challenging part of driving traffic to any website is getting yourself in front of the right crowd. For niche job boards, this can be a little easier since the market isn’t as crowded, but still, it isn’t easy.


    Tools like Facebook and Twitter help spread the word organically or through paid advertisements. If you do your research and know your demographic, targeting them through ads is one of your best options.


    The other major element to driving traffic is Search Engine Optimization. Focusing your content with specific keywords and phrases help search engines like Google and Yahoo rank you hire in their searches. 91% of search selections are on page one, so that’s where you need to be.


    What makes you different?

    Are you focused more on aesthetics or function? Do you have a detailed profile page for both employers and applicants? Do you have a creative way to make the process easier?


    These are the kinds of differentiators that will keep your employers coming back for more and drive new traffic through referrals and success stories. There is no right or wrong way to be different, so what is your approach?


    Just as companies are always filling open positions, job seekers are always looking to be hired. Online job boards are the perfect match. Your job board can be successful, drive traffic, and build loyalty. Just start with a few simple questions.