WordPress is one of the most popular online, website creation tools in the world. Despite the enormous behind-the-scenes complexities of building a website, WordPress requires little to no knowledge of coding or development to start. Through the use of plugins and premade templates, almost anyone can design and build a basic website from scratch. There are thousands of available free and premium themes, templates, and plugins to customize websites and represent brands.


    With all the available tools and resources, WordPress sounds like an expensive product, but it isn’t. The resource is free to use. Site owners need to buy their domain of course, but building the website to fit their needs is free. Granted, sticking to the free designs and plugins will limit its potential power, but compared to other methods of building complex, custom websites, WordPress is king.


    Why use WordPress?


    There are other site creation tools available. Competitors like Squarespace and Weebly carved out spots in the market. By comparison, WordPress outperforms both of the other systems due to their basic features and potentially substantial fees. Squarespace has a large inventory of premade websites and powerful drag and drop functionality to add new elements to the pages. Weebly has fewer shiny objects but gets the job done. The ability to add specific customizations is lower than with WordPress or Squarespace, but Weebly makes it easy for someone trying to create a simple web presence.


    However, WordPress combines the best of both systems, and did we mention it’s free to use? WordPress might be more complicated to get started than Weebly, but the feature quality is worth the extra steps. With thousands of available templates, site owners can choose something specific that fits their brand.


    Still not so sure you can handle WordPress? Try some of the online tutorials. WordPress provides videos and articles to help beginners get the ball rolling and help more advanced users continue to improve. Since WordPress dates back to 2003, there are infinite resources to be found all over the Internet. Even if the WordPress tutorial database doesn’t have what you need, chances are good someone can still help.


    Why use WordPress? Because it’s the best content management system available for the novice, intermediate, and expert users.

    Who uses WordPress?

    WordPress started as a haven for bloggers. The simplistic way to create, preview, edit, and publish articles all within the portal made it extremely popular from the beginning. It wasn’t long before small businesses began to see the potential in using it in other industries. Ecommerce websites, in particular, took to the system’s easy-to-use interface and setup scheme to create attractive and useful online marketplaces.


    The development of thousands of more plugins further expanded WordPress’ reach into various industries. Fortune 500 companies flocked to the system to create simple, compelling websites to reach a wide swath of current and potential customers. Some WordPress plugins integrate to create a streamlined site on the back end as well as what we see on the front end. This way, your dozens of plugins can begin working together.


    So, who uses WordPress? Everyone uses WordPress. It’s convenient to use, easy to manipulate and improve, and too customizable to overlook. WordPress is the perfect fit for anyone looking for an online presence.


    Where does WordPress get complicated?


    Despite starting as an open-source system built for bloggers, WordPress turned into much, much more. The incredible ability to tailor websites to meet exact needs and functions is one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately for the less tech-savvy among us, the more customizations we want to see, the more complicated the program becomes. Integrating plugins and automating third-party systems takes a lot of know-how.


    Luckily, professional developers stepped up and began offering guides and solutions to help. WordPress on its own is free to use, but without some help, your website might still end up looking like a high school student created it. If you’re happy with the basics, that’s great. However, if you need your website to reflect what you want precisely, it may be time to call in the professionals.


    In the past, building a website from scratch cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Developers and designers worked with companies to bring ideas to life through coding and trial and error. The process was slow, grueling, and frustrating. WordPress laid the foundation for developers to build the perfect website in half the time for a fraction of the cost.


    Yes, there is a cost. However, getting help during the creation process is an investment. We’ve talked before about the negatives of high bounce rates. Poorly constructed websites generate high bounce rates and lower conversions. Hiring a development team is an investment, and it’s one you may not be able to afford to ignore.


    Where to find help


    WordPress developers are becoming more and more common every day. Some focus on niche industries like fashion or real estate. Some try to handle as many clients as possible across every field. The best developers focus on quality over quantity.


    How do you find the right fit in a sea of options?


    Here are three things to consider before hiring a developer:

    • Communication: Do they keep you up-to-date with their progress and consider your opinions?
    • Qualification: Did they work with you to get a full outline of your needs and decide, with you, whether or not they’re ready for your project?
    • Realistic: Are they focused on your needs instead of merely getting the job done? Not everyone is a good fit for what you need. Look for someone ready to part ways if they feel like they can’t handle your requests as opposed to purely making big promises.



    Regardless of if you build on your own or outsource your website, the simple question is, “why use WordPress?” We’ve covered the ease of use, existing resources, and availability of outside help so that you can build the perfect website on a shoestring budget and in a short amount of time.


    We want to help you get started. Set up a consultation today to see what route might be best for you!